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Finding yourself looking for support and encouragement in the workplace? Working in a supportive and encouraging environment not only can lead to increased productivity, but job satisfaction as well. When it comes to these though, it starts with us. Learn the tools to be an encourager in the workplace and how you can help shift the culture to one of support and encouragement.

You may be asking yourself; how do I encourage someone?  Often, we think of positive words or messages of support.  However, there are many more ways we can encourage those we work with. This workshop explores traditional and non-traditional support methods that can help you encourage your others in the workplace.

The workshop objectives include:

  1. Learn different ways to encourage and motivate coworkers and employees.

  2. Understand a brief overview of the different forms encouragement can take.

  3. Learn how being encouraging to others can actually be beneficial for ourselves and the company.

If you’re interested in having your employees attend a #BeAnEncourager workshop email Halcyon@BeAnEncourager.org. This session can be customized to fit your company’s schedule and needs. Virtual and on-site options are also available.