A couple years ago I was sitting, listening to a sermon about being an encourager. After having been in my job as a dispatcher and seeing the toxic effects of being surrounded by negativity and continual crisis, the sermon resonated with me.

The hashtag #BeAnEncourager was born from that moment and it makes me incredibly excited to be launching it as it’s own brand.
With everything going on in the world today, support for each other is something desperately needed. Encouragement can take many forms and knows no race, gender, religion etc.

As someone who’s been in some pretty dark holes of depression and anxiety, support and a few words of encouragement from a close friend or family member were the only things to pull me out at times. A few simple words of encouragement can make ALL the difference.

I’m not perfect at being an encourager. I struggle with frustration and other emotions as much as the next person, but it’s just like any other muscle; if you don’t work on it, it’ll never grow.

My hope is through this site and social media accounts that you are not only encouraged yourself, but motivated to encourage others as well.

-Halcyon, Founder